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Fallen Hero's Cart

Below is the Itinerary for Escort and Delivery of the Fallen Hero's Cart
Beginning Day 2 the Cart will make it's way from Oregon into California and many from American Legion Riders Areas 1, 2, 3 will join in as this escort continues down to Ontario

(Further Information on the Fallen Hero's Cart is in a separate email to follow shortly)

Join at any listed location and travel until you are ready to split off
If planning to stay overnight you will need to make a reservation, phone numbers are listed

Highways to be traveled:
I-5 south to Hwy 152 east to Hwy 99 south to Hwy 58 east to I-15 south to I-10 west to exit 55A – Holt Blvd west

Day 1: Friday May 13SeaTac to (I -5) Canyonville, OR - Seven Feather Casino – 373 Miles
1. SeaTac Airport, 17801 International Blvd. Lodging: Quality Inn 2900 S. 192 St., SeaTac, WA, 206-241-9292
2. Rochester Shell Station, 19704 Old Highway 99 Southwest
3. Battle Ground/Gee Creek Rest Area/mile post 13 WA – Handoff/ Drain, Stop & Go
4. Gladstone, Latus Harley Division, 807 E. Berkeley Street, Eugene OR
5. Tangent, Chevron, 33157 Oregon 34, (Albany)
6. Rice Hill, Pilot Travel Center, 800 John Long Rd., Oakland Oregon
7. Canyonville, Seven Feathers Casino, 146 Chief Miwaleta Lane, Canyonville, OR, 541-839-1111

Day 2: Saturday May 14Canyonville to (I-5) Corning, CA – Rolling Hills Casino – 272 miles
1. Canyonville, Seven Feathers Casino, 146 Chief Miwaleta Lane, OR, 541-839-1111
2. Pilot Truck Stop, 1600 E. Pine Street, Central Point, OR
3. Chevron Station, 12 South Weed Blvd., Weed, CA
4. Redding T/A, 19483 Knighton Road, Redding, CA
5. Corning Rolling Hills Casino, 2655 Everett Freeman Way, Corning CA, 530-824-3220

Day 3: Sunday May 15Corning, (I–5 to Hwy 152 to Hwy 99) Visalia, CA Wyndham Hotel -387 miles
1. Corning Rolling Hills Casino, 2655 Everett Freeman Way, Corning CA, 530-824-3220
2. Woodland Arco, 450 County Road 102, Woodland CA
3. Lodi Flying J, 15100 Thornton Road, Lodi, CA
4. Santa Nella, Love’s, 29025 Plaza Drive, Santa Nella Village, CA
5. Madera Pilot, 22717 Ave 18 ½ , Madera CA
6. Visalia Wyndham Hotel, 9000 W Airport Drive, Visalia, CA 559-651-5000

Day 4: Monday May 16Visalia (Hwy 99 to Hwy 58 to I-15 to I-10) Ontario, CA Radisson Hotel – 276 miles
1. Visalia Wyndham Hotel, 9000 W Airport Drive, Visalia, CA 559-651-5000
2. Bakersfield I-5 Off Ramp 31, CA – Handoff/ Stop & Go
3. Tehachapi Love’s, 2000 E. Tehachapi Blvd., Tehachapi, CA
4. Harley Davison of Victorville, 14522 Valley Center Drive, Victorville, CA
5. Ontario Radisson Hotel Airport, 2200 E. Holt Blvd., Ontario, CA


Information About the “Fallen Hero’s Cart”

The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten. Alaska Air mechanic and baggage handlers observed the lack of dignity and mishandling of the remains of our Nation’s Fallen Heroes and took it upon themselves to right the wrong. They formed an all-volunteer group the “Alaska Airlines Fallen Soldier Project”. These individuals formed an internal, all-volunteer organization to procure old luggage carts and renovate them. The group paints, decorate, and donates these carts to other International Airports to use as dedicated baggage carts to be used specifically for off-loading and transporting the remains of any of our fallen heroes. The blue cart; adorned with American flag curtains, military insignias and a red carpet interior; is to ensure the remains of fallen soldiers are treated and transported with dignity and honor along their journey home to their final resting place. It’s the most visible component of the Alaska Airlines Fallen Soldier Program. In August 2015, one of these carts was delivered to San Diego, International Airport. Alaska Airlines has similar carts in Anchorage, Sacramento, Portland, Los Angeles and Seattle. The Alaska Airlines volunteer group of maintenance employees volunteered to develop a new transfer process and suggested it to maintenance leadership for approval. The protocol spells out details on loading and unloading, the distribution of responsibility for each transfer stage, pre-huddle checklists and escort handling. All of the flight crew is included in the protocol from the captain to the baggage handlers and all members of the crew are trained to ensure the protocol is followed. The volunteers are continuing to enhance the program. Technicians built a mock casket so employees can simulate an arrival and departure in the hangar for training. Neon safety vests with the "Fallen Soldier" emblem spread awareness and put a spotlight on the program. Protocol requires military escorts to stay with the remains of a fallen soldier from the time they leave a mortuary until they arrive at their final resting place. The remains are shipped as cargo, but escorts accompany the casket into holding facilities between flights. The technicians created a handbook detailing exactly how the remains are to be handled, such as loading the fallen soldier on the aircraft last to ensure unloading first and requesting a private Transportation Security Administration screening for the military escort. Fallen Hero’s Group has gone beyond the loading and unloading of the remains of our fallen hero, within the protocol they have developed procedures for the support an comfort of the volunteer who escorts the fallen hero home. Alaska Airlines make available to these individuals an office, hot meals, beds, showers, telephones and Wi-Fi to help lessen the stress on these individuals. It should be noted that the Fallen Hero’s Cart is not used solely by Alaska Airlines. The cart is made available to all airlines at the airport where it is stationed. Alaska Airlines sends each airlines information about the cart and assures each airline the use of the cart. You may gain more information about the Fallen Hero’s Cart by going to Alaska Airlines Fallen Soldier Cart website for a full description and videos of the volunteer program.

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